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Use human intelligence to train and improve your machine learning models

Collect, annotate and evaluate Artificial Intelligence datasets for Machine Learning models

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Improve your AI systems and ML models

Build high-performing algorithms to accurately process text, audio, image and video.


Curated AI Datasets

Human reviewed datasets available to be used for a variety of training and testing applications. Available in multiple languages, dialects and expertise domains.


Experienced Human Review

Trained and certified contributors will help you create and improve AI models with high-quality training data for your project. We’ll allocate staff to work on your project part time, full time, remote or on-site.


Build or Evaluate AI solutions

Partner with us to build or improve successful AI solutions. Start a custom project to build, improve or evaluate data models being developed or currently in production.

Services we provide

Artificial Intelligence &

Machine Learning

Data extraction and integration
Curated datasets
Data preparation
Data labelling/annotation
Correcting bad data and duplicates
Standardizing and formatting data
Updating out of date information

Enhancing and augmenting data
Noise reduction
Anonymize and de-bias data
Database normalization
Data sampling
Feature enhancement

Simple and affordable solutions for your organization


Image Annotation


    • Bounding Box, Polygons, Lines & Splines, Key Points, 3D Point Cloud
    • Classification and segmentation
    • Multiple language annotation
    • Single annotation starts from € 0.05

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We work to ensure every professional has access to accurate and valuable research services. We are committed to help you achieve your goals and get the information you need to make critical business decisions. Working with us, you are sure to have a team that will adapt, respond and commit to meeting your expectations in each and every project.

We have a unique combination of cultural, business and technical experience: we possess strong technical knowledge and experience using the most used tools in the market, have experience working with local analysts to provide global coverage and in-depth market analysis; comprehensive cultural and business understanding of the European, American and Asian markets.

We have worked with every type of business. From corporate to SME, some of our most notable customers include Moravia (Translation agency), Synthesio/Ipsos (Saas provider), Saatchy & Saatchy (Advertising agency) and Butler Luxury (Luxury goods brand).

We’re typically ready to start working within 1 business day.

We need to work with you to gather project requirements. After validating the requirements, business goals and deliverables we will agree on a delivery date. During the work we’ll share all relevant updates.

We accept Paypal, credit cards and bank transfers.

Customer Testimonials

Don’t just take our words for it. Here’s what our community has to say about us.

“Very professional and responsive. I have worked inside very large U.S. corporations and I found the analysis report to be detailed and showed a high level of expertise in this type of work. I would definitely use them again.”

Kristine Shine

“The quote was very reasonable, finished the project very quickly and was very easy to communicate with. It was worth every penny. 10/10 will be using the services again. Thank you!”

Sabrina Delio
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Data & Analytics Services

Let our team of experts help you collect, clean, analyze, and visualize your data so you can make better business decisions.

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