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About GBSN

Our highly-skilled team of experts lead their respective fields making us the perfect partner for ambitious and enterprising businesses and organisations worldwide.

Headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal, GBSN Research is the data analytics, research and processing expert. Our client base spans multiple industries and, regardless of vertical or size, we assist partner organisations to achieve their business goals through the provision of cutting-edge research and data analytics solutions. An unwavering commitment to quality and clarity is central to our company culture and sets us apart from other research-focused businesses.

Our focus is on developing strong relationships with each of our clients. We believe that the personal touch helps us work in collaboration with each business unit and ensures we empower our clients to make data-backed decisions, determine revolutionary strategies and move forward with clarity. Our service is specifically tailored to each company we work with, and our focus is on gathering the insights needed to fuel their continued growth and development.

GBSN Research uses a range of enterprise tools, with specialist solutions across marketing, translation and web analytics through to social listening and AI/machine learning. Armed with the results of our research findings, businesses can make necessary improvements, get to know their customers, and identify opportunities and challenges.

GBSN Research are the data analytics, processing and research experts, founded in 2013 by Miguel Nogueira. Not long after opening our doors, we completed our first international project, working with Synthesio and Saatchi & Saatchi. The following year, Miguel was joined by co-founder Cady Gomes Bocum, and we formed a new multi-language analysis team capable of working on worldwide projects.

In 2015, we moved into our first offices in Lisbon, Portugal, hiring full-time employees to grow our team and add the capabilities needed to help the company grow. These hires allowed us to tackle not only complex analytics-based projects, but enhance our digital marketing and communications strategy. We have subsequently relocated to a larger office space in the heart of Lisbon’s thriving business district. We have also added talented programmers capable of automating tasks, and developing custom solutions for turnkey client projects.

In 2018, we joined the European Horizons 2020 program, expanding the company further and developing new and agile capabilities as we look to the future.

GBSN Research is proud of its world-class team of data and analytics experts. We know a company is only as good as its people, and so we recruit people who are as passionate about data and research as we are. This dedication and internal capability is second to none, giving us the drive, know-how and vision to help our clients today and tomorrow.

Our team has extensive firsthand experience and unparalleled expertise in key research areas including data visualisation, consumer and industry research, qualitative and quantitative analysis and competitor analysis. We harness these research disciplines to generate insights and provide our clients with a real-time picture of their business and wider marketplace. Yet there are also other supportive staff members at the company who help to make GBSN the enterprising and forward-thinking business it is today.

GBSN’s founders, former data analyst Miguel Nogueira and former IT analyst and consultant Cady Gomes Bocum, are a prime example of passion for technology and innovation in action. Alongside the rest of the team, they work tirelessly to support our clients with visionary leadership and technical acumen.


Team members

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Cady Bocum


João Campaniço


Ewelina Dabrowska


Felipe Moredo

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The People Behind GBSN Research

Our team is an assembly of passionate data scientists, developers and marketeers.

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