Get to know and understand your data

Organizations more and more need to make sense of the data they have and figure out what questions they should be asking and how to frame them, as well as how best to manipulate their available data sources to get the answers they need.

We will take a broad look at patterns, trends, outliers, unexpected results and so on in your existing data, apply visual and quantitative methods to get a sense of the story this tells and give you clues that suggest your logical next steps, questions or areas of research.

Our team of data scientists will help you get to know and understand your data before you make any assumptions about it, stopping you from inadvertently creating inaccurate models, or building models that are assembled on the wrong data.

Quality Assurance

Prior to conducting the process of exploratory analysis, all data files are validated to verify that it appears reasonable and consistent with the documentation that describes it, and cleaned to eliminate duplicate records, resolving missing values, and modifying or marking incorrect or unlikely values.