Research Design

Establishing the most relevant terms to retrieve the information that matters.

Establishing the most relevant terms

Organize data into topics for its most effective and efficient use. Establish the appropriate terms according to the topics of study.

We are working on a Global Database that contains a list of terms and expressions sorted by industry/business topic in more than 30 languages. It will let you easily search and explore an industry terminology in a new and powerful way, providing you the correct translations into multiple languages you wish to conduct your research in a variety of countries.

Need our help? Let us do the work for you!

We will

  • Identify the keywords and main concepts of your research topic
  • Establish similar terms (synonyms) or expressions that might also be used to describe these concepts
  • Take into consideration different spellings and word endings, all possible variations are addressed
  • Combine the search terms in a way that a database can understand
  • Make use of truncation, wildcards, parentheses for more accurate searching
  • Write the final query to collect the most relevant results

Your research will be conducted in more than one language?
We will adapt the query(ies) with the proper translations and syntax according to the target language.

Noticing a decrease in relevancy in your search results?
Have a new topic you which to research?

A search strategy will evolve along the way as your research/object of study evolves.
We will monitor and update your queries an ensure your results stay relevant and up-to-date.