Market Research

Demographics, trends and much more

With this service we can give you insight into your market, your competitors, your products, your marketing and your customers.
Here are some of questions we can look into:
Demographic Questions

  • Professional background and responsibilities, including education, job, career path, and responsibilities
  • Demographics such as gender, age, income, family, and location

Psychographic Questions

  • Information about their interests, hobbies, opinions or anything else that will help you learn more about your customers.

Buying Pattern Questions

  • Information about your audiences’ buying patterns, path to purchase, most relevant decision making factors and main Influencers

Benefits Questions

  • Motivation, features, problems, benefits and needs that may lead to purchase


  • Market size, segmentation, most relevant groups, potential ROI


  • Main trends in the market, expectations for the future, disruptive technologies that may impact the market


  • Main players in the market, what makes their product or service unique, most relevant attributes