Industry Research

Know your industry

With this service we can give you insight into your industry, main trends, top products, suppliers and potential customers.
Here are some of questions we can look into:

Overview of your Industry

  • Industry history
  • Factors that influence industry growth
  • Industry leaders
  • Government regulations related to this industry

Industry Trends

  • Estimated size of the industry
  • Trends in sales over recent years
  • What is sensitivity of the industry?
  • Most used marketing strategies
  • Management trends in the industry

Supply Chain

  • Who are the major suppliers?
  • What is their potential power and impact over your business?
  • Is there a monopoly or oligopoly? How many suppliers are currently in the market?
  • Is it difficult for new suppliers to enter the market and sell directly to customers?
  • What is the portion of your business with them from whole their business?
  • Is it easy to substitute products when you want to switch suppliers?


  • What type of products are offered in the industry?
  • What is unique about the best selling products?
  • What are the products offered by competitors?
  • What products can customers buy instead of yours?
  • Are there substitute products on the market?
  • How do substitute products affect the market?


  • How many players are in this market?
  • Who are the major competitors there?
  • What is the competitors’ age and maturity level?
  • What is the market share?
  • Where are your competitors located?
  • How easy is it to enter the market and become a competitor?

Customers/Buyers/Potential Customers

  • Who are your potential customers?
  • Where are potential customers?
  • Are the buyer and the user the same person?
  • What is the problem/need they currently have?
  • How do they currently address that need/desire?
  • What features do they value the most?
  • Is it difficult for customers to make a switch between your products and competitors products?


  • What impact do megatrends have on our company, our business and our industry?
  • What impact do megatrends have on our environment (e. g. customers, legislators)?
  • What major changes will there be?
  • What does this mean for our company, business and industry?
  • What are the trends in our industry?