Data Visualization

Presenting your findings clearly and accurately.

At GBSN Research, we tailor our reports to a format and depth of analysis that meets your needs.
Our reports can provide deep insight for the marketing team as well as a clear and concise overview for the C-suite. We will create the right balance of written analysis and graphical presentation to ensure that the findings are clear and credible, the analysis is meaningful and results speak to upper-management.

Whether you are seeking to assess your brand’s performance, identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitive positioning, measure the impact of online campaigns, or determine your audience’s needs and interests, we have a reporting option that is right for you:

  • KPI Reports – Weekly or monthly reports highlighting key metrics and detecting any potential trends and emerging weak signals in the market.
  • In-Depth Analysis Reports – A comprehensive analysis report presenting all our metrics findings and insights.
  • Focus Reports – An one-off report that delivers a focused, in-depth analysis around a specific event, such as a campaign launch, or a product announcement to study and measure its impact and receptivity.
  • Executive Overview Reports – A professional and concise report featuring KPIs, outlining prominent stories, and providing a concise snapshot of the full analysis.
  • Daily Monitoring Reports – A customized monitoring report prepared each morning by our analysts to bring you the most influential stories or insights from an ongoing event.