Data Exploration

Identifying the sources that matter for your research

Identify the the biggest websites per category in more than 30 countries

Finding websites online is easy. Unfortunately, that information isn’t always entirely accurate as companies who provide web traffic data depend on browser extensions to retrieve their data and build website rankings. Relying on bad data can hinder your research and hurt your credibility.

GBSN Research provides a list of top online data sources ranging from mainstream media, to discussions boards, forums and blogs, that has been manually created and continuously curated by our team of local analysts.
The list is divided into several categories between more than 30 countries so it only shows you sources that are relevant to the purpose of your research

Quality Assurance

Prior to conducting the process of exploratory analysis, all data files are validated to verify that it appears reasonable and consistent with the documentation that describes it, and cleaned to eliminate duplicate records, resolving missing values, and modifying or marking incorrect or unlikely values.