Consumer Research

Know your audience

Find out more about your customers, potential audience, their needs, desires and purchase intentions. Get to know the problems your customers are currently facing and learn what features they believe to deliver the best solutions.
Here’s what you can expect from this service:
Who are your customers?

  • Details like age, gender, location, demographics and psychographics, their interests, other brands they like, publications they read and so on.

How can they be segmented?

  • Is the market large enough to justify segmenting?
  • What are the observable differences between the various groups of customers?
  • Predicted ROI for each segment
  • Most adequate types of marketing messages, communication style and channels for each group.

What do your customers need?

  • Are the buyer and the user the same person?
  • What is the problem/need they currently have?
  • How do they currently address that need/desire?
  • What features do they value the most?

Additional services

  • Develop customer profiles into buyer personas
  • Find media publications and Influencers
  • Find objections: common reasons why this persona wouldn’t choose your product
  • Analyze your internal data to get deeper insights: customer feedback from social channels, survey results, sales data, CRM data, feedback from customer-facing employees